The most popular and respected elephant of Kerala.  He was donated to the Guruvayoor Temple by King of Nilambur Kovilakom.  He was very calm and always carried the thidambu(the idol of god) of Guruvayoorappa. He died on the most auspuscious day of Guruvayoor- Guruvayoor Ekadashi.To commemmorate him Devaswom had built up a statue in front of the Guest house. On his death anniversary all the elephants from Guruvayoor gather here  and offer tribute to their ancestor.  A malayalam film was made which narrates his story.  His tusks are displayed in front of the Guruvayoor Temple.  Above all he was a real devotee to the great Guruvayoorappa.


Guruvayoor Kesavan with his mahouts  
The statue of Guruvayoor Kesavan     The majestic look of Guruvayoor Kesavan
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Elephant's favored food includes bananas, mangoes, coconut, sugar cane, bamboo, berries, corn, jungle shrubs, palm fruits, wood apples, rice and jaggery