Gajasamrat Thiruvambadi Sivasundar

The handsome prince of Thrissur Pooram and the pet of elephant lovers of Kerala. The enthralling beauty of forehead, trunk, tusk and ears provides a feast to the viewer. He has a height of 301cm.  He was owned by Mr.Pookkodan Francis.  After that the famous industrialist of Thrissur Mr.Sundar Menon bought him from Mr.Francis for Rs.28,00000/- and given to the Thiruvambadi temple on 15-02-2003. This is the record price for  an elephant. After that his name changed from Pookkodan Sivan to Thiruvambadi Shivasundar. He is the leader of the Thiruvambadi troop of Thrissur Pooram.  He has the maximum ekkam(rate  for processions) among kerala elephants.