Aaranmula Raghunathan

According to Elephant Experts he was the the most auspicious elephant of Kerala. He had honoured by the 'Gajaraja Pattam' by Travancore Devaswom Board. He was magnificent by the physical beauty and especially by the length of his trunk. He was very calm ,intelligent and had a high grade memory capacity. Mahouts had a lot of stories about him. He was 64 years , when passed away. It was an Ekadasi day he bowed the Aaranmulayappan and shivered down. He was donated by the the King of Travancore in 1949 to the Aaranmula Temple.
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Aaranmula Kannadi

World famous mirror made from an alloy of copper and tin but have all the qualities of glass.  The correct proportion of the above metals to make this mirror is known to two families in Aaranmula.

In ordinary mirrors the image is formed in the layer behind the glass but in Aaranmula mirror the image is formed in the surface of the mirror.  Aaranmula kannadi is included in Ashtamangalyam(eight auspicious objects used to welcome  Lakshmidevi the goddess of prosperity and wealth).

Elephants are vegetarians. They need 250kg of fodder and 250L of water per day